Fall back
Take a look at me
And you'll see I'm for real
 I feel what only I can feel
And if that don't appeal to you
Let me know
And I'll go
'Cuz I flow
when my colours show
And that's the way it has to be

'Cuz creativity could never bloom
In my room

I'd throw it all away before I lie
So don't cope me with a compromise
Hang up the phone
I've got a backbone stronger than yours

Alter: 26

Ich mag diese...

Musiker: Avril Laigne**
James Blunt
Green Day
Billy Talent
THe Fray
Lieder: nobodies fool**
I can do better**
rockiges, wildes xP
Liebeslieder <3
Sendungen: Gilmore Girls**
Dr. House
Ghost wisperer
Filme: alles wovon man Gänsehaut bekommt...
Hobbies: Kino*
abens weggehn

°was mir spaß macht°

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